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Dental Bridge
Natural appearance and smile after losing a tooth can be regained by creating a bridge. Bridge fills the empty space in teeth sequence caused by the loss of a one or more teeth.

What is a bridge? Alternate Text
A bridge consists of at least two teeth crowns, each on one side of the gap and a replacement tooth or teeth in the middle. The bridge can be created on your natural teeth, on implants or a combination of the two. The choice of your bridge will depend on the condition of your teeth, your finances and your aesthetic requirements.

Building a bridge!

During the first visit, the dentist hones the carrying teeth and makes several impressions to be sent to a lab where the crowns and bridge are made. The patient leaves the office with temporary crowns. When the bridge or a crown is finished, the patient returns and the final product is applied. If there are no complications, the bridgework is permanently fixed.

With sufficient care, bridges and crowns will last for years. Brushing teeth and flossing on a daily basis are essential to the health of your teeth and gingiva, as well as to prosthetic works since such care extends their lifetime.

In our dental practice in most cases we use porcelain crowns or full ceramic/zirconium aesthetic crowns. These crowns are white in the visible surfaces with or without a thin metal parts invisible boundary, near the gingiva.