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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry means achieving a smile that will have a positive impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Cosmetic dentistry is a way we help people get a new smile. Weather you wish a white dazzling smile or a more conservative look, cosmetic dentistry will definitely mean new and improved appearance. If you were not born with the teeth you want, or if your smile has lost its sparkle due to ageing or the effects of drinking tea, coffee and red wine, cosmetic dentistry will help you smile with confidence again. Cosmetic dentistry involves many dental procedures (veneers, crowns or just whitening) with the aim of improving the overall aesthetics of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry today offers many options to help you achieve your beautiful and white smile.

Our dental office offers:

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Dental crowns

Dental crowns are made to help strengthen teeth and improve the appearance. Dental crowns are acting like a lid adding additional support to a weak tooth, helping to restore a tooth that is broken or to cover a dental implant.

Dental bridges

Dental Bridge is made to replace missing teeth with artificial teeth. A fixed dental bridge contains artificial teeth that are made to be connected directly to the jaw or under the gum tissue. Fixed dental bridges can only be removed by a dentist. We offer also a removable dental bridge, which can be removed and cleaned from time to time. Usually these are dental bridges made on implants.

Tooth whitening or teeth bleaching

Depending on your needs and your dental health history, we suggest a procedure in the office and we do not offer system that can be used at home. Our system is „Light cure whitening system“which enables that the whitening is being done in only 1 hour. Before starting patients must see one of our doctors to make sure the whitening is possible and prepare a patient for a specific treatment.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are thin and custom made 'shells' which are intended to cover the front of teeth that are chipped, permanently stained or slightly crooked. Dental veneers are not good for back teeth. Alternate Text

Dental implants

Dental implants are made to replace missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and feel like natural teeth. For this dental implants surgery, patients must be in good oral health and general health, must have healthy gums and sufficient bone structure to support the dental implant.


Dentures are another option for replacing missing teeth and this is also a cheapest way. Dentures are used when all or most of the patient's natural teeth are lost.