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Crowns are very efficient solutions for badly deteriorated teeth

Alternate Text It can be made of pure ceramics or metal ceramics, and the choice will depend on the situation. A crown made of metal ceramics is the firmest solution due to its metal base, whereas the aesthetic momentum is gained with a crown made of pure ceramics or zirconium.

The metal part of the crown follows the shape of the tooth, while ceramics imitate its natural shape, colour and firmness. The crown can be separate or a part of a bridge.

Making a crown!

The crown is made in two phases. During the first visit, the dentist hones the tooth and makes impressions to be sent to a dental lab, and the patient leaves the office with a temporary crown. When the patient returns for the second time, the crown is finished, fitted and permanently fixed.

Dentist can use a single crown when they need a replacement to one tooth. Crowns can also be in block when patient need replacing of multiple teeths.

The price of dental crown depends on the material from which the crown is made. For large crown bridges we use crowns made from metal-ceramic, and for so called aesthetic crowns we use zirconium crowns or full ceramic crowns. Crown are also used for dental implants.

We also have temporary crowns made of plastic that very important for all patients waiting for final crowns to be prodused in our dental lab.