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Dental Implants
Dental Implants replace your missing teeth and feel as if you've got your natural teeth back. For this reason, implants are among the best solutions in cases of tooth replacement. They can replace one or more teeth, and are also used for stabilising and retaining dentures.
Many patients, for various reasons, have trouble getting used to dentures. Fixed prosthetic works on implants resolve such issues. An implant consists of an artificial root which is implanted in the bone. After a period of time necessary for ossification, other parts are made, including a crown or a bridge. In any case, implants improve the quality of life.

The advantages of implants reflect in the fact that they are independent and do not require honing the surrounding healthy teeth. Additionally, they contribute to the preservation of the bone. No other methods offer such advantages; for example, dentures accelerate the deterioration of the bone which makes them more uncomfortable and less stable in time.

What are dental implants?

Alternate Text Dental implant serves as a root substitute for lost tooth. Modern dental implant is made from titanium and is like a screw made in different lengths and diameters. This dental implant is inserted to be part of the jaw bone and grows with it.

In which case people use dental implant?

Dental implants are the best option for patients who have lost their teeth due to periodontal disease, because of dental treatment that gone wrong or because of a trauma or any other reason.

Which patients can decide on this kind of surgery?

Dental implant surgery is good option for everybody and there are no explicit contraindications. The ideal candidate for dental implants is a patient with good general health. Even patients with diabetes can go on dental implant surgery. Alternate Text

How much does a dental implant cost in our dental office?

Our dental office offers dental implants for only 550 Euro per implant. A dental implant with a titanium implant abutment and a final porcelain crown costs only 920€ with no hissed cost.

Is advanced age a kind of problem for having dental implant?

Advanced age is not a problem for having dental implants. The only problem could be osteoporosis, but this should not be a contraindication if it doesn't involve the jaw bones.

What are the advantages of dental implants over traditional dentures and dental bridges?

First advantage is that the look and a feeling that patients have with dental implants. It is identical to natural teeth. Dental implant can prevent bone loss and shrinkage of the rubber that occurs often to people with bad oral health. With dental implants you will regain back your confidence and be able to eat and speak normally.

How long does an implant surgery take?

The dental implant surgery is performed in two phases. In the first phase dentist begins with installing the dental implant into the bone. This implant is left from three to four months to heal or integrate with the jaw bone. After a few months dentist will install a dental crown or a bridge that will appear like natural teeth.

Is the implanst surgery painful?

In dental implants surgery, the patient is adequately anesthetized with local anaesthesia and will not feel pain. Patients are also given painkillers just to feel more comfortable.

After the surgery will I be without teeth?

No, after dental implant surgery and a few days of healing dentist will provide you with a temporary denture.

After dental implants surgery can i drive ?

It is not recommended to drive after a surgery. At least sleep one day after the surgery and leave the next day. Our staff will always be ready to organise a nice room or apartment for you to stay.