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Dental Tourism

Croatia has developed a new tourism industry in the last few years called dental tourism.

What is dental tourism?

Dental Tourism is when people travel to another country - Croatia to visit a dentist and to use dental services that are a lot cheaper than those in their country.

What does a dental tourism in Croatia offer?

The first and main reason for dental tourism in Croatia is to save money. We provides high quality dental care that are at least 50% or more lower prices than neighbouring countries in Europe or America. We use modern technology state of the art techniques and equipment and offer guaranty on material and work.

Just for example, let's compare prices for implant dentistry and dental implants.

  • Price of a dental implant in the U.S. range from 1250 $ - 3000 $
  • Price of a dental implant in Italy range from 1000-2000 Euro
  • Price of a dental implant in England is around 1500 – 2000 Euro
  • Price of dental implant in Croatia is about

    550 Euro or 650 - 700 USD

Even the price of Croatian dentist and dental services are so much lower than in Europe or America. Beside the price, quality of dental service is completely the same as with European or American dentists.

In addition to saving money with dental tourism you are also travelling. Croatia with its long coastline, beautiful beaches, a large number of natural beauties and cultural monuments will surely fascinate you.

Today you can find low coast airline tickets, and when you pay for your accommodation and pay dental services, you will still save money. That is why dental tourism in Croatia is increasingly popular for people all around the world.

Our dental clinic offers a beautiful example of dental tourism in Rovinj. We offer professional dental service; we organize transfers from airports and offer accommodation in private apartments at very low prices.

Cheap dental services and the natural beauty of Rovinj and Istria, together make our idea of a dental tourism an ideal offer for everyone searching for it.