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Technology we use

Kodak 8000 panoramic and standard digital x-ray

Alternate Text KODAK 8000 Digital Panoramic offers an excellent quality, and clear images in a few seconds. With this panoramic x-ray we can set a precise and rapid diagnosis and at the same time we improve the quality of dental services by better communication with our patients.

Alternate Text Digital x-ray also has 90% lower radiation dosage. We can make 8 digital x-rays and we will stil make lower radiation dosage from using 1 standard x-ray.

Advanced image manipulation and analysis allows us to detect bone changes as an early stages of gum disease and compare results against a previously made x-rays. With today’s technology of digital X-rays, images can be instantly shown on our screens in the dental office. This fast and safe process can be manipulated, enhanced and stored making them extremely useful and convenient.

Intraoral camera

Alternate Text Our dental practice also use intraoral camera that display video image on flat screen monitor. We can video exam your teeth and you can watch this on monitor.
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